from It's Kind Of You To Ask

Slowly, turn around and then you walk away
Just the same as you did yesterday
Just the same the day before
Oh, the words that came
Crashing down to rain on your parade
Spitting out like some machine-gun serenade
Not like the promise of before

Look for direction in the star
But you're not sure who you are
Feels like you're watching from afar

Trust in yourself
(you know if you don't then nobody will)
You can't pay the piper ‘til you get the bill
It pays to always know the score
Now the words have gone,
Scattered like so many autumn leaves
Leaving you as naked as the winter trees
Wonder what they've left in store?

Look for protection in the star
But you don't know who you are
It feels like they're laughing from afar

Into the darkness, you want to go deeper
You just need to trust in your guides
When you find them,
But how will you know who they are?

You know they know which way you'll go
For all you pull away
You know they know you can't let go
They won't have to ask you to stay
Out of the darkness, don't want to go deeper
Just want to get back to the light, the beginning
Back where you started it all

If you take a leap and it's into the unknown
The mouse and the cat and the fish and the fisherman
Hunter and hunted, caught out by the waste of it all

The dawn light's first golden fingers

Pulling at the curtains
Chasing out the shadows
The bright light of a new day
The sunlight melts the shroud around you
Lifts the sorrow from your eyes
Breaks the ties they used to bind you
Shatters all illusion's lies

So this is the escape plan, this is where we get away
(with just a little luck)
This is where we leave the circus
And the never-passion play
Where we leave the misfits, misinformed politicos
Voting for each other
And round and round it goes

With just a little glance exchanged
In the pale moon's light
The stars are all around us now
And I think, we going to be alright (tonight)