Outside In

from It's Kind Of You To Ask

Breathe deep and hold it in until it hurts
Just to know that I'm alive
Strongest feeling is the longing to give in
But the instinct says "survive"

Now they've torn the heart and soul from everything
Seems these dreams weren't meant to last
I don't really want your sympathy
But it's kind of you to ask

There are dark skies over paradise
There's a shadow on the sun
There's a question mark on every certainty
Now this ending has begun

And we can behave like children
Playing war in the park
How strange that in these enlightened days
We still feel lost in the dark

They're burning all the castles down
Looking forward to the past
And me? I suppose I'll soldier on
It's kind of you to ask

There's poison in the wishing well
There's a stealer of the light
Choking life from opportunity
And always out of sight

And we can wash cars on Sunday
Keep up that charade
'Til the acid that burns on tips of tongues
Burns through that facade

Come inside, I think it's time we talked
Hope that we've not come too far

Shut the world outside, let down your guard
Remember who we are

You've got an angel on a necklace
I've had the devil on my back
But I think the change is coming soon
We're coming home, come inside

Come inside

I didn't want to rule the world
Didn't want a revolution
Wanted change to make things work
And make a case for evolution

So shut the door behind
And step in, step in, step into the warmth inside
Step into the warmth inside
Step into the warmth inside

Andy Rigler - Keyboards and Backing Vocals

Andy Rigler
Keyboards and Backing Vocals