The Band - Andy Rigler - Keyboards / Backing Vocals

Personal Biog

Andy lives in, and is a is a native of, Devon but tries not to be there most days as his regular job takes him all over the UK and the nicer bits of Europe. As he says 'it's harder to hit a moving target'. As his wife says, 'good; the fat, ugly, baldy one has gone away again... Come on kids, let's party!'

Due to an absence of 24/7 television and the internet back in the 1970s, Andy thought it would be good to play with his organ to fill the endless void between the next Monty Python programme or Top Of The Pops.

Difficulty in carrying a twin manual electronic organ to school on the bus meant that Andy (then aged 11, since you ask) decided to try something more portable and after failing to blow a trumpet was duly given clarinet lessons. This led eventually onto the sax and flute plus he is also known to strum the odd guitar if pushed.

He's played in many bands over the years ranging from the usual covers outfits, through to stints in duos and as a solo artist (the money was better and he only had myself to organise/blame). He's ended up playing keys for the likes of TM Stevens (James Brown, Tina Turner, Joe Cocker), Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy) and has shared stages with many inspiring artists, including several shows with Steve Rothery.

The last few years has seen him playing keys and pulling silly faces for the 10 legged groove machine that is Mr So And So. As a songwriter his material can be heard on 'Truths Lies and Half Lies' by the band, plus he's written a pile of soundtracks for TV and those little videos selling gloves in the garden centre.

So far he's not been fully found out and he hopes it will continue...

Equipment used with Also Eden

  • Nord Stage 2
  • Korg Kronos 61
  • Roland JV1080
  • Macbook Pro running Logic Mainstage
  • Focusrite Saffire 40 interface
  • Roland PK5A bass pedals
  • Moog Minitaur
  • Roland SPD-SX

Favourite Keyboard Players

  • Tony Banks ('natch)
  • Richard Barbieri
  • Rick Wright
  • Mark Kelly
  • Gary Numan (the guv'nor)
  • Flake (especially for his dancing, check him out!)

Top 5 Albums of All Time

These always change but here are five I always come back to:

  • Brilliant Trees - David Sylvian
  • Dusk - The The
  • Melt/PG3 – Peter Gabriel
  • Seconds Out – Genesis
  • A Secret Wish – Propaganda

Other favourites include Talk Talk, Kate Bush, Manics, Sex Pistols, Porcupine Tree, Rammstein and, of course Marillion.

Favourite Movies

I am not a big film buff as I hate sitting still, so you won't get any clever/credible answers here. If pushed I prefer movies that make me laugh.

Favourite Books

I spend too much time away from home and mostly prefer reading biographies, especially regarding music business folk, factual books. I'm currently a James Herbert novel, Dr Steve Peter's 'The Chimp Paradox' and Peter Gabriel's new biography.

First Band

Stu And The Shitheaps – we were punk MAN!

Most Memorable Musical Experience

There have been many, but more recently it has to be the second night Mr So And So supported Marillion at The Paradiso Amsterdam. We'd had a great day on the canals sightseeing and so were more relaxed than the first night, plus the sound was better, we had a full house and it was a lovely warm Dutch night.

Andy Rigler - Keyboards and Backing Vocals

Andy Rigler
Keyboards and Backing Vocals