Our new album, entitled [REDACTED], is now available - see the links below to buy - featuring original artwork commissioned from our friend Neil McChrystal; the first piece, "Shock", was used to create the "virtual" cover for our free download of Endless Silence. Included in the available formats is a lovely vinyl package, which really showcases Neil's great work.

Here are some shots of the completed artwork - click for bigger versions:

[REDACTED] - Shock [REDACTED] - Anger [REDACTED] - Bargaining [REDACTED] - Depression [REDACTED] - Acceptance
  1. Red River Lyrics to Red River
  2. Endless Silence Play Endless Silence (sample) Lyrics to Endless Silence
  3. Distortion Field Lyrics to Distortion Field
  4. A Lonely Idea Lyrics to A Lonely Idea Video for A Lonely Idea (sample)
  5. Chronologic Lyrics to Chronologic Video for Chronologic (sample)
  6. The Test Lyrics to The Test
  7. Extend And Embrace Lyrics to Extend And Embrace Video for Extend And Embrace (sample)
  8. Decoded Lyrics to Decoded

Distortion Field has long been a staple of the live set and Red River joined it in 2012, with Decoded, Chronologic, A Lonely Idea and The Test all now having been given from one to half a dozen outings. A seventh track, Endless Silence, is available free to download here, which, until October, left Extend & Embrace as the odd one out that hadn't seen the light of day in one form or another. We made a conscious decision to do things this way, as we all agree that the tracks that come across best on Think Of The Children! are those that were honed in the live environment.

Buy [REDACTED] on CD for £10

Buy [REDACTED] as a download for £8

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Buy [REDACTED] on vinyl from Plane Groovy for £16.99

The vinyl also comes with a free download of the album from Melody Collective.

Sampler: Play [REDACTED] (sampler)

Buy the digital single of Decoded for £0.99


"[REDACTED] is a brilliant mix of foreground crunch and a deft layering of nuanced sonic detail which stretches back into the distance. It gives great depth to their sound and full disclosure to their talent."
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Simon Rogers - Guitars and Backing Vocals

Simon Rogers
Guitars and Backing Vocals